A New Yorker moment

If I worked with a fridge near me I’d stick this to it. I strive to fully “experience” everything I recommend online. It’s easy, mind you, to hit the retweet button without properly checking out that thing that that person you like linked to, particularly if you like them or want them to like you. But that way leads to madness and tears and it’s one of the reasons I started FYPA. It’s actually slightly awkward posting links here compared with the ease of Twitter or Tumblr and the format kinda requires an explanation, so that effort gives me the impetus for the link to mean something, and for it to mean something means I need to know and understand it.

So yeah, I like this cartoon.

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Nyan Cat orchestrated

Notable for being awesome, but also for not involving any real instruments. Rather impressive, this technology lark.

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Nan Goldin’s photographs of children

The Guardian has a gallery of Nan Goldin’s photos of children. It’s accompanied by an interview containing this gem:

Top tip: Don’t do it. There are way too many photographers. Try to draw or get politically involved in something that matters. And unless you need to make art to stay alive, you shouldn’t be making art.

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Some European terrorism stats

Just in case you’re one of those people under the impression Europe is about to be wiped out by invading hoards of Muslims…

So in most of Europe, there was no terrorism. And where there was terrorism, the trend line pointed down.

As for who’s responsible, forget Islamists. The overwhelming majority of the attacks- 237 of 294 – were carried out by separatist groups, such as the Basque ETA. A further 40 terrorists schemes were pinned on leftist and/or anarchist terrorists. Rightists were responsible for four attacks. Single-issue groups were behind two attacks, while responsibility for a further 10 was not clear.

Islamists? They were behind a grand total of one attack. Yes, one. Out of 294 attacks. In a population of half a billion people. To put that in perspective, the same number of attacks was committed by the Comité d’Action Viticole, a French group that wants to stop the importation of foreign wine.

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Weekend at Kermie’s

Long, indulgent, nostalgic, emotional yet gripping and essential article on The Awl about the legacy and current state of the Muppets as the new Disney film approaches. Too many bits to choose from but here’s a nice “what if?” Kermit had been alowed to die with Jim Henson in 1990:

It would’ve made more artistic sense than what happened. Instead of an organic personnel shift, [muppetteer Steve] Whitmire became Kermit, which wasn’t only a disservice to that character, but also a real disservice to Whitmire. There was no place for him to take the role. If he strays too far from Henson, embodying Kermit with the parts of his personality that weren’t in Henson, nostalgic fans will be disappointed. He can only attempt the same impression over and over. It’s not the kind of art Henson produced. It’s very un-Muppet.

What it is, though, is very, very Disney—not in the original spirit of Walt, but in the style of a corporation that runs on licensing. This is “art” defined as mass duplication, not wonderment. It is the art of selling Tigger toys to millions of people all over the country who have houses filled with Tigger toys. I’ve always wondered who these people are: the people obsessed with Tasmanian Devils, who keep Mickey memorabilia rooms. Perhaps they are people who do not want to see the human effort behind the fantasy. To many, it must spoil the magic to picture a white-bearded Jim Henson standing underneath the last gelfling child in The Dark Crystal. For me, though, that scene multiplies the meaning of what came before. For that reason, I’ve given a pass to having a room full of Kermit toys. They might be a joy to collect, but where would I put them all? And where would my money go? To fund more great Muppet shows or to market more useless products?

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