We’ll have to send them round the long way

Eddie Campbell:

Andrew wrote in yesterday’s comments: “One set of panels I would love you to post? I read somewhere once that there was a page in the script of From Hell which had Gull and Netley driving over London Bridge, which hadn’t been built at the time, so you sketched the page anyway essentially with Gull stopping mid-sentence to scream as his carriage hurtled into the Thames. I think I read that somewhere. Does that exist?”

That would have been Tower Bridge. […] I didn’t draw the script as written but sent Gull down to the next bridge and just stretched the dialogue over more panels than Alan intended. In the meantime I scribbled a gag on a photocopy of a 19th century photo of the bridge under construction and sent it to Alan.

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Sing along with insects

A decade or so ago, while working in a bookshop and exploring the back catalogues of academic publishers, I came across a double CD of recordings of crickets. It was amazing. A few years before that I came across Money Mark‘s track Insects Are All Around Us which does the in-retrospect-obvious thing of sampling cricket chirps for the beat.

So over the years recordings of crickets have appeared in my life and I welcome the addition of the Songs of Insects website and their awesome soundboard. Click on an insect to hear its song. I particularly recommend the 17 Year Cicada.

via Clusterflock

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Adam Yousef’s Birmingham Riots films

Part 1, part 2.

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Riot Reads II

Following on from Wednesday’s roundup of sensible things I’d read about the rioting, here’s some more. (The first two are the essential ones.)

The moral decay of our society is as bad at the top as the bottom by Peter Osbourne (Telegraph)

Big Brother isn’t watching you by Russell Brand (Guardian)

Pick Up The Pieces by Daz Wright

London riots: the intelligence taboo by Dave Hill (Guardian)

UK riots: political classes see what they want to see by Aditya Chakrabortty (Guardian)

And in the idiocy department:

First rioter given eviction notice by Wandsworth council.

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Tweet of the Day

thinking out loud on twitter helps a lot. I get corrected, I get new words to explain abstract ideas, I get to explain myself to myself.Thu Aug 11 23:10:48

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Craig Thompson’s Habibi out next month

In 2003 Craig Thomson released his Big Comic Blankets, weighing in at 592 pages. A year later his travel diary Carnet de Voyage saw hom travel to Morocco to research his next book, Habibi.

It’s finally finished and, weighing in at 672 pages, will be published in September. And it looks gorgeous.

It’s published by Faber in the UK so should be available all over and Amazon have it at £14.99 £10.40 (which is absurdly cheap).

See als: Craig’s blog, the Habibi process gallery,

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Dave Harte on running a hyperlocal site

He’s been doing BournvilleVillage.com for 20 months and has some wisdom to impart.

2. You are a Creative Citizen
I’ve decided that rather than a hobby, running the Bournville blog is part of my ‘practice’. Positioning it this way makes it sound a bit arty and pretentious – that’s a good thing. Putting together words and images is a creative act. Maybe you’re only telling the world about a lost cat but that lost cat article is contributing to a new form of journalistic practice – hyperlocal blogging. Given you don’t have to adhere to the techniques journalists get taught at journalism schools, that you can experiment and test out new ways to use various media, you’re not far off being an artist. At the very least you’re playing a part in a shifting media landscape that’s coming round to your way of working, take pride in that.

Other points include “You are not the community” and “Local media is worse at this than you”.

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Hipster Ipsum

For your website or project.

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See also Bacon Ipsum. via Kottke

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