10 lessons from Cartier-Bresson’s street photography

This list from Eric Kim is pretty good for people wanting to stretch themselves. And as is often the case, most of them can be applied to the rest of you life, even the seemingly technical things like “stick to one lens”. Here’s the list:

  1. Focus on geometry
  2. Be patient
  3. Travel
  4. Stick to one lens
  5. Take photos of children
  6. Be unobtrusive
  7. See the world like a painter
  8. Don’t crop
  9. Don’t worry about processing
  10. Always strive for more

via Kottke

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Close (to the Edit)

Another video I don’t remember seeing to a song from my 80s youth. As Tom Ewing says in his excellent Who’s Afraid of the Art of Noise review, from which this link was extracted, “Close (to the Edit) reminds you that Art of Noise were trying to be funny and sometimes scary”, and even with the knowledge that it all came from Paul Morley’s conceptual intellectualism of pop there’s something quite disturbing and alien about these four minutes of classical instruments being destroyed with power tools.

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