Alva Noto

Mr John Xela of Type brought Alva Noto to my attention this afternoon with this retweet:


So I wasn’t expecting a piece of ambient glitch. But it is heavy, in a quiet way, which I quite like, and I did some digging.

Alva Noto [is a sound artist] who uses art and music as complementary tools to create microscopic views of creative processes. [He] transforms sound by looping oscillators and tone generators. He does not use sequencers, but edits his work to give his compositions rhythmic structures. Clicks and glitches are not used as ornamental additions to the compositions but make up the essential rhythmic and harmonic elements of the work. He frequently samples electronic information transmission sounds such as fax tones, modem sounds and telephone pops and clicks are sampled and organised, among other overlooked sound sources.

So far so normal for this kind of thing, but I downloaded an album, Transspray, and found it to be full of humour amongst the epic levels of chin-stroking.

Here’s an epic playlist on YouTube which I’ve got running in the background as I work. And I notice on that page that he’s playing the Supersonic Festival in Brum next month. I genuinely had no idea!

I’ll be at the front, smiling and stroking my chin.

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The Hackgate Network

The BBC has this fantastic interactive timeline infographic (as I believe the kids are calling them) showing the connections between the major players in the News Corp phone hacking shenanigans. (No mention of Jeremy Clarkson though…)

Click through for extra clickage.

via LudditeWebDev

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Bruce Robinson writes Hunter Thompson

A movie adaptation of Hunter S Thompson‘s novel The Rum Diary starring Johnny Depp is not that much of a surprise to see, and the trailer looks entertaining enough. What makes this notable is the screenplay by Bruce Robinson of Withnail fame. Whether that will translate into the goods is moot but it’s certainly raised my eyebrow.

via YMFY

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Language Bosses

Those of us who think we know how to use language correctly get bossy, and the rest of us worry that the Language Bosses will find out we’re stupid and make fun of us.

Quote from Microstyle found by Karen.

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