Meanwhile in the WTF department of Amazon…

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Portmeirion on Streetview

It seems the Google Streetview cameras have been mounted on something smaller than a car (a Segway?) and rolled around Portmeirion Village (location of The Prisoner, etc).

You can scroll around the village itself and even go on a coastal walk. Here’s the utterly random Nelson statue.

Curiously Nelson’s face isn’t blurred out by the facial recognition algorithm, though his hand is.

All that’s missing is a man in a Number 6 costume running in front of the camera for that full You Are Rover experience.

via John Coulthart who has blogged his erudite take here.

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Managing iTunes videos

Now I’m using iPlayer Automator to throw BBC TV shows into my iTunes library I’m, for the first time, found myself wondering how the iTunes system works with that mysterious “TV Shows” folder, something I’ve never bothered with before. Turns out it’s all about the metadata, of course. iLounge’s Complete Guide to Managing iTunes Videos explains it all and more in great depth.

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