Wednesday, 27th Jul 2011

Iain Sinclair and the Olympics

Great article on Iain Sinclair and the fury in his latest book, Ghost Milk:

His immediate argument is with the London Olympics; his broader target is those projects of civic enhancement that acclaim themselves as “regenerative” and find their expression most charismatically in architectural “grand projects”: domes, stadiums, mega-sculptures and super-cities. “We live,” Sinclair writes, “in the GP Era”, and for him the “GP” will always be a function of egotism and profit: a longing on the part of men in suits to leave behind a legacy, and a longing on the part of developers to make a quick buck. “Ghost milk” is Sinclair’s term for the cultural ooze that such projects exude: all those delivery documents, those primary strategic objectives, those maquettes and futuramas of the world-to-be. “Ghost milk,” he writes, means “CGI smears . . . Real juice from a virtual host. Embalming fluid. A soup of photographic negatives . . . The universal element in which we sink and swim.”

But it’s not all hagiographical. Robert Macfarlane delves into the paradoxes and contraditions of Sinclair which all makes for a very satisfying read.

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