Wednesday, 10th Aug 2011

Riot Reads

I’m resisting writing anything about the riots because I lack the knowledge and experience to do so, not to mention veering from incoherent anger to numbness whenever it comes up, but I have been doing a fair bit of reading. Here’s the stuff I’m enjoyed, if that’s the right word.

If there’s a thread I hope it’s “things are a lot more complex than you might hope” or “ignorance is no longer bliss”.

London riots: the underclass lashes out by Mary Riddell (Telegraph)

“Recreational looting” in perspective by John Naughton

Riot Thoughts by Will Wiles (specifically points 4 and 5)

In Broadway Market by James Meek

Most of the kids are alright by Rosamicula (Don’t worry about the age warning)

The psychology of looting by Zoe Williams (Guardian)

The vulnerability of the British state – deeper lessons from the urban riots by Patrick Dunleavy (LSE)

I’d hope the tone those sorts of articles will prevail over the coming weeks but if this BBC interview with Darcus Howe is anything to go by I seriously doubt it.


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