Friday, 29th Jul 2011


Rorschmap is a neat thing with some brainjuice behind it. Yes, there’s more to it than just making vaginas out of your neighbourhood.

It is 65 years since Buckminster Fuller patented the Dymaxion Map, designed to show, and only show, the whole earth. Fuller’s map forced less distortion than contemporary projections; it also, having no ‘right way up’, embodied his idea that the only directions in the universe were ‘in’ and ‘out’.

The plane of Google Maps has an up and a down; it also has an in and an out: the zoom between tile layers, the moment of transference, of refocussing and resolution. What if we could fold digital maps like the dymaxion, go truly into them?

Above is the Bullring in central Birmingham. Below is my local park and allotments in Stirchley.

via Waxy / Kottke

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