Wednesday, 27th Jul 2011

Stereogum commemorative cover albums

Back in the buying-CDs-era, when I spent about £40 a year on music, if that, one of my favourite plastic disks was a A Tribute To Spacemen 3, a collection of covers by artists I, save Mogwai and Arab Strap, hadn’t heard of playing tunes by a band I’d kinda missed the first time around. It was one of those punts that paid in full and I’d highly recommend grabbing the download from that Amazon link.

So I’ve always had a soft spot for collections of covers on a theme, even when that theme is as vague as those released in 2010 that are quite good. But give me a theme and a interesting / unknown roster of artists and I’ll give you my time.

I haven’t given them my full attention yet (and the Radiohead ZIP is proving most troublesome) but what I’ve heard is at the very least fair to my ears and generally above average. I expect at least a few of these to enter the hallowed 5-star section of my iTunes library.

  • OKX – on the 10th anniversary of Radiohead’s OK Computer.
  • Drive XV – on the 15th anniversary of REM’s Automatic For The People.
  • Enjoyed – just because Björk’s Post is quite good.
  • Stroked – on the 10th anniversary of The Strokes’ Is This It?

And should you need more, as I inevitably will, I came across The best cover albums of 2010 which looks well worth investigating…

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