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Sunday, 14th Aug 2011

The 808 Keychain Micro Camera

Back in 2001 I was the proud owner and frequent user of a L’Espion Digital Dream keychain camera. It took terrible pictures (storing 20 on its 2MB memory!) but it was teeny and I could take it places normal cameras couldn’t go. My photos from that time are here. Now we have cameras on mobile phones such things aren’t necessary anymore, but I got a tingle of recognition when I saw this beauty, going by the somewhat incongruous name of the 808 Micro Camera.

It seems they’re “made in China from unused cell phone camera parts” and they sell for under £10 (not including memory card). I’ve just ordered one on eBay for £6.80 and will review when it arrives, but I’m expecting glory.

And obviously my mind is racing as to what you can do when the unit price of a stand-alone video camera drops this low. Buy lots of them would the first step. And then use them all at the same time. I’m thinking insect eyes.

All you need to know and more in this MetaFilter post.

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