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Thursday, 8th Sep 2011

Funny Oatmeal

The Oatmeal is a comic that has been ruthlessly optimised for observational identification, working the phenomena of people going “ooh yes, I fully agree with that and will share this unique insight with my friends”.

But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad comic. Sometimes it hits the mark and, yes, “What they should have taught you at school” is a routine as old as the hills but I really enjoyed this riff on it. So I’m sharing it with my friends.

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Wednesday, 17th Aug 2011

Obama’s slogan for 2012

Screen-cap from The Daily Show. (What is it with USAmericans and censoring light swearing?)

via Tim Carmody

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Tuesday, 26th Jul 2011

A New Yorker moment

If I worked with a fridge near me I’d stick this to it. I strive to fully “experience” everything I recommend online. It’s easy, mind you, to hit the retweet button without properly checking out that thing that that person you like linked to, particularly if you like them or want them to like you. But that way leads to madness and tears and it’s one of the reasons I started FYPA. It’s actually slightly awkward posting links here compared with the ease of Twitter or Tumblr and the format kinda requires an explanation, so that effort gives me the impetus for the link to mean something, and for it to mean something means I need to know and understand it.

So yeah, I like this cartoon.

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Monday, 25th Jul 2011

Rupert Murdoch Worried He Might Have Damaged Heretofore Perfect Reputation

A report in the Wall Street Journal, sorry, the Onion. via Laura

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