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Friday, 2nd Sep 2011

The Lion Cut


The mysterious “miniature lion” in the cat-in-box video has been obsessing me so I did a bit of research. Turns out there is such a thing as a Lion Cut and it has a genuine purpose beyond aesthetics. In brief, if a long-haired cat, such as a Persian, has badly matted hair, or is suffering from a hot summer, it is often kinder to shave the bulk of it off, leaving the head, paws and tail (presumably because they’re used as senses, though I can’t find confirmation of this). Given the cat-in-box video appeared to be in some kind of sanctuary it’s possible it was a rescue cat that hadn’t been groomed properly.

Here’s some more photos of miserable looking cats. Continue reading

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Thursday, 1st Sep 2011

Cat puts cat in box to please miniature lion

Not sure what else it can be.

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Monday, 22nd Aug 2011

Stocking: re-enacting stock photos for shits and giggles

This is what the cool kids are doing these days.

via @jonwold/@bounder

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Sunday, 21st Aug 2011

Dinosaur Laser Fight. In Space. With Sharks.

More from Ninja Sex Party. While their schtick seems to be putting uncool dorky things in a row and making a song out of them, it’s not a bad schtick.

via Stellar

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Wednesday, 17th Aug 2011

Amusing Twitter account of the moment: @youvebinframed

via everyone in the last five minutes

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Obama’s slogan for 2012

Screen-cap from The Daily Show. (What is it with USAmericans and censoring light swearing?)

via Tim Carmody

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Monday, 15th Aug 2011

Omama turns to Kickstarter

What I find notable about this is how, three years or whatever in, I’ve very rarely seen an Obama impersonation like this. (And this one is pretty good.) Or perhaps I’m just not watching the right comedy clips. Maybe SNL is all over this stuff.

via Waxy

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Friday, 12th Aug 2011

We’ll have to send them round the long way

Eddie Campbell:

Andrew wrote in yesterday’s comments: “One set of panels I would love you to post? I read somewhere once that there was a page in the script of From Hell which had Gull and Netley driving over London Bridge, which hadn’t been built at the time, so you sketched the page anyway essentially with Gull stopping mid-sentence to scream as his carriage hurtled into the Thames. I think I read that somewhere. Does that exist?”

That would have been Tower Bridge. […] I didn’t draw the script as written but sent Gull down to the next bridge and just stretched the dialogue over more panels than Alan intended. In the meantime I scribbled a gag on a photocopy of a 19th century photo of the bridge under construction and sent it to Alan.

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Wednesday, 10th Aug 2011

Amusingly defaced signs

A third of these you’ll have seen before, a third just aren’t funny, but the other third will raise a smile and that’s enough to make this worth a click.

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Thursday, 4th Aug 2011

Tweet of the day

Theysay talkeing about whyYou are sad Makes it beter but it just Makes me remeber why iam sadThu Aug 04 20:43:13 via Twitter for iPhone

If you’re not following poor Dmuper you’re missing out.

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