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Thursday, 8th Sep 2011

Mogwai’s Earth Division EP

The Guardian has a stream of the new Mogwai EP. It’s rather nice.

They also have a track-by-track guide by Stuart Braithwaite so go read that as you listen.

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Thursday, 4th Aug 2011

Interview with Tom Watson

Given he’s a Birmingham-ish based MP who’s relatively savvy on issues related to the Internet (you may remember his staunch defying of the party line during the Digital Economy Bill last year) I’ve come to know Tom Watson a bit over the last couple of years. Not in a particularly chummy way but to a point where I’m surprised by those who might attack him. He seems okay to me. A politician, for sure, who does what needs to be done to get elected, but not one of the baddies.

So this interview, off the back of his epic work in the Murdoch / hacking affair, is a welcome look at his 10 year career putting a lot of things into context. Yes, he was a bastard back in the day, one of Gordon Brown’s bruisers, but he’s changed.

“This has been a profoundly life-changing event for me, in many ways. It’s certainly changed my politics. When I was first elected, I was a completely naive and gauche politician. You look at the pillars of the state: politics, the media, police, lawyers – they’ve all got their formal role, and then nestling above that is that power elite who are networked in through soft, social links, that are actually running the show. Why didn’t I know that 10 years ago, and why didn’t I rail against it? Why did I become part of it? I was 34. I’m 44 now. I was naive. But I’ll never let that happen again.”

I’m glad I know him now rather than then.

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Tuesday, 2nd Aug 2011

Simone Lia on How To Draw Bunnies

You see, this is the sort of thing Michael Fucking Gove should have on his curriculums. Bunny drawing lessons for all. That’ll raise “standards”.

(I kinda tangentially knew Simone in my London days. She’s just like this in person.)

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Wednesday, 27th Jul 2011

The Tories and Murdoch

Nice chart from the Guardian showing when our glorious leaders met Murdoch and his people.

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Tuesday, 26th Jul 2011

Nan Goldin’s photographs of children

The Guardian has a gallery of Nan Goldin’s photos of children. It’s accompanied by an interview containing this gem:

Top tip: Don’t do it. There are way too many photographers. Try to draw or get politically involved in something that matters. And unless you need to make art to stay alive, you shouldn’t be making art.

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