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Tuesday, 22nd Nov 2011

Terry Gilliam’s Animation Masterclass

What I find interesting about this 15 minute tutorial in cutout animation, beyond seeing a young Gilliam being sensible and coherent, is the connection between his approach to and style of animation and the Flash work that came out of B3ta in the early 2000s from the likes of Joel Veitch and Jonti. This, for example, is not a million miles from Gilliam.

via Kottke

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Saturday, 10th Sep 2011

10 lessons from Cartier-Bresson’s street photography

This list from Eric Kim is pretty good for people wanting to stretch themselves. And as is often the case, most of them can be applied to the rest of you life, even the seemingly technical things like “stick to one lens”. Here’s the list:

  1. Focus on geometry
  2. Be patient
  3. Travel
  4. Stick to one lens
  5. Take photos of children
  6. Be unobtrusive
  7. See the world like a painter
  8. Don’t crop
  9. Don’t worry about processing
  10. Always strive for more

via Kottke

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Wednesday, 3rd Aug 2011

Ten things not to say to a depressed person

Essential reading for those lucky enough to find the very concept of depression quite bizarre actually. via Emma

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Tuesday, 2nd Aug 2011

Simone Lia on How To Draw Bunnies

You see, this is the sort of thing Michael Fucking Gove should have on his curriculums. Bunny drawing lessons for all. That’ll raise “standards”.

(I kinda tangentially knew Simone in my London days. She’s just like this in person.)

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