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Tuesday, 13th Mar 2012

Plan B’s ill Manors

Music video and interview.

I can’t pretend to get this or even like it, but by fuck I’m glad it’s out there. I gather Plan B is fairly popular and signed to Warners but who cares, it’s about time music that kids listen to got political again.

(Although I do kinda like it.)

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Friday, 17th Feb 2012

The City Never Sleeps at Night

Back in the day I bought a CD single by Jonathan Fire*Eater which included the track The City Never Sleeps. I liked this a lot and it lodged nicely in my brain in that way songs do. I’d assumed it was one of Mr Fire*Eater’s own compositions so I was quite surprised when a Nancy Sinatra version popped out of the musicosphere at me.

Apparently it was the b-side to These Boots… which dates it as 1966. But there’s also a version by The Shacklefords on YouTube also dated 1966.

It’s not as good but it’s definitely the same song, and from the same year. How odd that seems now.

The Nancy track came to me from the Songs The Fall Taught Us compilation although be warned their version, done for a 1995 John Peel session, is pretty terrible.

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Saturday, 11th Feb 2012

CASH Music – like WordPress for musicians

I put some money into CASH Music, a Kickstarter project, last night. The tagline is “what WordPress did for bloggers, we’re doing for musicians” and that doesn’t just mean free versions of the current crop of tools out there. It means taking the “if no-one owns it everyone owns it” ethos of free software and building something that can’t be sold to Sony at the end of the day.

I do feel sorry for musicians. Music was the fuel of a lot of what we call the Internet Revolution because it was easy to digitise and because people wanted to share it. Music is the lubricant of culture which is why it generates absurd amounts of money for the corporations that control it. Yet musicians, the people who actually make the stuff, have been consistently screwed since the mechanisation of music and probable before. This is an attempt to make the Internet work for them like it was supposed to.

The other thing that excites me about this is it rejects the toxic venture capitalist model which fuelled the social media boom with oddles of free money and will soon be demanding it’s money back. Sure, it’s neat that Tumblr can be all free and stuff but at some point they’re going to have to sell up, probably to exactly the same corporations they were supposed to be an alternative to. And just look at how sustainable selling Flickr to Yahoo turned out to be. Imagine if it had been turned into a non-profit. (I’ve been toying with a campaign to get the founder to abandon their game and buy back Flickr but it’s not really fair since Flick was an accidental byproduct of a game in the first place.)

So yeah, lots of practical good things and lots of ideologically sound things. Well worth $25 for a t-shirt.

via Steve Lawson.

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Tuesday, 7th Feb 2012

St Vincent, after Mueck

Rather enjoyed this video for St Vincent‘s Cheerleader even though it’s a complete appropriation of Ron Mueck‘s work. I guess it just adds enough not to be an annoying ripoff. Nice tune too.

via Clusterflock

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Saturday, 28th Jan 2012

Everything Counts by the Schrader family

Cutest family cover version evar.

via Stellar

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Sunday, 22nd Jan 2012

Hippocamp Ruins Pet Sounds

One from the archives. I downloaded Hippocamp Ruins Pet Sounds in 2005 but just stumbled upon it in the unrated depths of my iTunes library. I was delighted to find it stands up to another listen (actually, I suspect my tastes have caught up with it in places) so since you probably didn’t see it the first time, and it’s still online, here’s a recommendation.

I love the self-deprecation of the title. This isn’t just fucking with the classics for the sake of it.

Pet sounds is an album that everyone should own, study, cherish, and enjoy. Hippocamp Ruins Pet Sounds is an open-ended experiment conducted out of reverence, curiosity, and awareness of the sobering fact that you can’t improve upon perfection.

There’s also a nice Metafilter thread.

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Wednesday, 18th Jan 2012

Parry Gripp’s Neon Pegasus

When Fiona and I were dating I would irritate the shit out of her by playing Parry Gripp songs over and over in the hope that one of them would become “our song”. And she’s stuck with me for nearly three years so far so go figure.

Anyway, Mr Gripp just popped back into my sphere with this glory. The lyrics alone are pure poetry even without the music.

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Tuesday, 17th Jan 2012

Amon Tobin’s Esther’s

Last week Mr Phoenix commented that the Goodbye video was “intensely stalkerish”. This video, accompanying music by Amon Tobin, is even moreso, like someone watched Hardware and thought it was dead romantic.

via Craig Earp

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Monday, 16th Jan 2012

Bombs Scary

Appears to be a Japanese funk band called Zainichi Funk.

Liking this on a number of levels.

via Sheila @ Clusterflock

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Wednesday, 28th Dec 2011

Carrie Brownstein, of Sleater-Kinney / Portlandia, on advertising

From a really enjoyable New Yorker profile:

Thinking that an office job might be a good thing to try, she did a six-month stint at Wieden+Kennedy—the modish Portland ad agency responsible for Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign. [..] But working at an ad agency proved alienating, she said, because of the way “the work mimics art.” She added, “Music, to me, is an earnest populist endeavor and this was a cynical populist one.”

The distinction between earnest and cynical is an important one, I think.

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