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Sunday, 4th Sep 2011

Garbage Strike

Came across this image on a t-shirt while browsing around. Rather liked it so I dug deeper.

It’s by W Park, a photographer from Toronto who does a lot a street photography. This one was taken in 2009 during a garbage strike and the poster appears again in his Flickr stream.

I could spend hours exploring his photos and encourage you to do the same.

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Wednesday, 31st Aug 2011

Bottom of the pool

One of those photos where I’m kicking myself for never thinking of this before. It seems so obvious.

Found on bbnnt, which got it from Yimmyayo though without a credit or link, and TinEye hasn’t got a clue, so we’re in the dark. Shame, as I love the artistry.

Spoke too soon! A reverse-Google Image Search (did you know you can do that now?) and a bit of clicking through the Tumblrs reveals the photographer to be Damion Berger from his series In The Deep End. It looks like he produced them in the last few years.

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Wednesday, 24th Aug 2011

Lego large format camera

This is lovely. A functional large-format camera made out of Lego bricks and an old lens. And the photos it produces are beautiful.

Loads of process photos in the post and there’s a follow-up with more photos and details of the build. Inspirational on every level.

via someone awesome

(Previously erroneously described as “medium format” until Matt corrected me in the comments.)

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Tuesday, 23rd Aug 2011

Flobby jowled dogs caught mid face-shake

Fantastic gallery of freeze-frame photos of dogs (and a cat) shaking their heads. by Carli Davidson. Not all of them are flobby jowled but the taught-of-face look great too.

via Priddy

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Sunday, 21st Aug 2011

Time-Life Space Programme photos

These scanned photos from a 1969 Time-Life book/album set To The Moon about the space programme to that point are quite lovely. See the post for more and plenty of contextual information.

via Matt

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Wednesday, 10th Aug 2011

Looking for Stanley

Neil Hall’s project to photograph Stanley Kubrick’s Film Locations

The project is one of the most detailed presentations of Stanley Kubrick’s film locations. It was undertaken over a number of months and utilized extensive research from Kubrick’s own archive matching behind the scenes photographs, call sheets and other original material. It shows the interiors, buildings, architectural details and landscapes that Kubrick incorporated into his vision. The choices were not arbitrary. The project shows the painstaking effort Kubrick put into his location choices.

via Husk

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Thursday, 4th Aug 2011

North Korean architecture is strange

The Atlantic’s In Focus has a lovely gallery of photos from North Korea by David Guttenfelder who got unprecedented access to the country. Photos from North Korea are always fascinating as it’s the closest thing the Western world has to a truly alien culture where we have no influence.

What particularly struck me about these were the photos of buildings. You’d think basic housing architecture would be standardised in the late 20th century but these look like they come from a parallel universe where about 100 years ago the most influential architect in the world made subtly different decisions about how buildings should be.

Click through to see them at full size (In Focus is one of those Big Screen photoblogs) with descriptions.

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Tuesday, 2nd Aug 2011

Gareth finds Permenance

Artist Gareth Courage (see prev) bought a job-lot of 800+ photographic slides from the 50s and 60s off eBay and has started scanning and uploading them to Flickr under the title Permanence.


He plans to use them in his art but they’re also out there for others to make what the will of them. A lovely gift, if you like.

He talks about it on his blog, is filling up this Flickr set and a Tumblr is leaking them at a rate of one a day.

Above and below are a couple of my favourites (it’s the juxtaposition of the signage).


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Stock photos of hacking and hackers

Boing Boing have a great collection of stock photos used by news organisations and scare-merchants with little time for nuance to illustrate stories about computer hacking. Worth it for the captions.

Hackers type while wearing thick leather burglar gloves, to ensure that no fingerprints are left on their own computers.

The best way to protect a computer from network intrusion is to wrap it in chains and place a physical lock on it.

Hackers can reach through the internet like it’s some kind of fucking seance.

and for the one above,

Hackers come in two basic varieties: Ninja and Hoodlum.

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Monday, 1st Aug 2011

Rik Garrett’s Earth Magic

Rick Garrett Earth Magic

A lovely series of photographs by Rick Garrett taken using the vintage wet plate Collodion process. As a fan of processes which get in the way of, and therefore improve the, end result I’m both fascinated and appreciative of these. Lovely stuff.

Also part of a Kickstarter campaign to bring it to a gallery in London.

via John Couthart

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