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Thursday, 9th Feb 2012

Noguchi Coffee Table? No Thanks

Fuck Your Noguchi Coffee Table is a delightful Tumblr in the spirit, if not the style, of Unhappy Hipsters. It’s like a quiet rant, possibly a list-song. The above made me spit.

via Woodrow

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Friday, 2nd Sep 2011

Mirror cube on a tree trunk

I saw this on Unhappy Hipsters with the caption “The trees weren’t the only ones who wished he’d invested in something (anything) other than glass walls” and while it’s perfect fodder for laughing at the sub-ironic post-poster kidults of aspirational hipsterdom (and breath…) it intrigued me greatly. Mostly because I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how it stayed in the air.

It was only when I scrolled past the photos on Arch Daily to the architectural drawings that I realised it’s clamped to a tree. The reflections had confused my eye, which I guess is the point.

There’s more at Arch Daily with some chatter in the comments and another post about the wider Tree Hotel project at Inhabitat.

I’m sure it’s utterly impractical and expensive but as a piece of sculpture it’s a lovely object, especially when lit up inside at night.

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