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Wednesday, 12th Oct 2011

Casting call for Nathan Barley reality show

Laughing at young people trying to find their way in a world they don’t have the wisdom to fully comprehend never gets tired.

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Sunday, 14th Aug 2011

Generation Fucked

An Adbusters article from 2007, republished in light of recent events, looking at the state of British youth.

According to the Unicef report, which measured 40 indicators of quality of life – including the strength of relationships with friends and family, educational achievements and personal aspirations, and exposure to drinking, drug taking and other risky behavior – British children have the most miserable upbringing in the developed world. American children come next, second from the bottom.

It goes on to look at the potential causes of this at some length and, given Adbusters takes a strong anti-consumerist line in general, it’s doesn’t come across as that extremist.

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